MultiSensor 7
MultiSensor 7
MultiSensor 7
MultiSensor 7

MultiSensor 7

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Aeotec's latest 700 series 6-in-1 indoor sensor: accurate sensors of motion, light, temperature, humidity, vibration, and UV measurements. 70% faster wireless communication, 240% increased maximum detection range, 64% better battery performance, calculates spatial measurements 18% faster than the last Gen5 version. Please order this item individually during pre-order phase, do not mix with other items you need instantly.


  • Measured temperature range: -10°C to 50°C /14°F to 122°F.
  • Max motion detection range:  12 meters/33 feet, beat Gen5 at 5 meters
  • The light sensor measures 0 to 30,000 lux.
  • Measured humidity range: 20%RH to 90%RH
  • Uses Z-Wave Plus with Gen7 and 700 series wireless technology.
  • S2 Security
  • Battery life ~3 years using 2x CR123A batteries(package comes with 2 batteries)
  • Repeater function when USB powered

Technical Specifications

Please find MultiSensor 7 technical specifications at MultiSensor 7 Tech Specs

More information

Aeotec maintains MultiSensor 7 user guide and setup information at that link.

Gateway compatibility please check here.

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