Door/Window Sensor 7 Gen7

Door/Window Sensor 7 Gen7

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Door / Window Sensor 7 is used to monitor the contact between 2 objects and when that changes. Containing 2 sensor parts, it is typically installed upon a door or a window and the adjoining frame. When the door or window is open or closed, a signal stating that a change has occurred is sent to the connected Z-Wave gateway. From this signal, intelligent automation, security, and safety routines can be triggered.

Note the difference between ZWA011and ZWA008 is ZWA011 is 700 series while ZWA008 is 500 series. Also, ZWA011 is an open/close sensor only, it does not have a gyroscope sensor or dry contact input sensor like ZWA008 has.

What makes it special.

  1. Best-in-class size.
    40% smaller than previous generations including Door / Window Sensor Gen5.
  2. Best-in-class battery life.
    Utilising a hardware and software configuration engineered in our Germany R&D facilities, Door / Window Sensor 7 uses up to 66% less battery power than past generations. 
  3. Largest wireless performance.
    Combining Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave 700 series,  Door / Window Sensor 7 offers the biggest wireless distance range yet. US editions have a 150% greater wireless range while EU and Asian editions have a 250% greater wireless range. Without the use of a power-hungry power-amplifier, this cutting-edge intelligence and security sensor can communicate device-to-device up to 100 metres / 328 feet or can be relayed over 400 metres / 1,312 feet.
  4. Fastest wireless performance.
    Its best-ever battery life and wireless performance are joined by the fastest wireless performance in an Aeotec sensor ever. Door / Window Sensor 7’s combination of 700 series and S2 offers a wireless and response speed 50% faster than older sensors.

More information

Aeotec maintains Door Window Sensor 7 (ZWA011) User Guide and setup information at that link.

Gateway compatibility please check  here.

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