Z-Opi 7

Z-Opi 7

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Z-Opi 7 lets you adapt existing hardware to work with Z-Wave. The Z-Opi 7 turns every Orange Pi into a Z-Wave 700 series Smart Home Gateway. The Z-Opi 7 is connected to the GPIOs of the host, such as a Orange Pi, as your primary Z-Wave controller. Then it can be used with any automation software if it supports the Z-Wave Serial Bridge API. 

Z-Opi 7 vs Z-Pi 7

Please note that Z-Opi 7 designed for Orange Pi, the serial port is twisted 180 degrees on an Orange Pi vs a Raspberry Pi. 

Z-Opi 7 work same as Z-Pi 7, using the Z-OPi 7 will probably have the Z-OPi 7 rather than sticking over the hardware like a hat, it will stick outwards away from the RPi4 hardware. 

What makes it special.

  1. Turnkey gateway-hardware development solution.
    Z-Opi 7 offers the quickest time-to-market for hardware developers, the most seamless installation, and the most reliable platform upon which to build a professional solution dependent on Z-Wave.
  2. Made for professional solutions.
    With Aeotec’s Gen7 technology serving as its foundation and its compatibility with Z-Wave Plus V2 (700 series), Z-Stick 7 has been engineered for professional solutions which want to utilise the advantages of those technology including faster, more secure, and more reliable wireless communication.
  3. Full Z-Wave compatibility.
    Z-Opi 7 fully enables Z-Wave Plus connectivity that is compatible with all Z-Wave versions from 100 series through to the 700 series. With the latter, it enables SmartStart and S2-security natively. 

More information

Aeotec maintains Z-Opi 7 user guide. and setup information at that link.

You may also be interested to learn more about Aeotec Gen7 and 700 series Z-Wave at those links. Further information on SmartStart and S2 security is available at each respective link.

Gateway compatibility please check aeotec.com/z-wave-gateways here.

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